It is not easy for anyone to live a life in a race full of life, there is no problem in life. The person’s life remains good only till he gets married. Responsibilities increase after marriage, it is its duty to fulfill. When fulfilling these responsibilities of marriage, the life of a human being is fulfilled. While fulfilling these responsibilities, there are many problems in his life which he has to face. These problems can be anybody like family problems, problems between husband and wife, money related problems, or anyone else. Increasing these problems increases so much that the husband and wife are not aware of its seriousness. This husband’s wife’s problem is at the time of divorce. Although the relationship of husband wife is full of love and love remains one’s way throughout his life, sometimes for some reason the planet crushes fights in the home and tension increases in the married life. Because of this discord gets divorced and a holy relationship breaks down. Many women and men try a lot to save their relationship but they do not get success in this because they are forced to lead a frustrated and unhappy life. Due to divorce, there can be many reasons like having a defect in both horoscopes, not having a place in the planet’s own place, or even entering the life of an outsider, it also has to face difficulties in life.


  1. My husband kundali has divorce yog and he wants divorce because of his dad.He is unable to see wife pain and torture done to her by his dad

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